A superior irrigation method for coffee plantations based on Rain-Tal products has been applied.

  • Based on Vibro-Spreaders on spikes, set about 1 feet over the ground. Water discharge may be designed for 35 or 50 L/hr using selected LP (Low Pressure) products to provide full performance at pressure of 1.1 bar. The installation on spikes is provided in more details in the link:


  • Even distribution of small water droplets spread over larger area at higher discharge rate (than drippers). This supports healthy root development. It also creates micro-climate and provides cooling and humidity that induces good flowering and beans filling.
  • The small droplets are very effective for slow crumble of organic matter and manure, an important feature in the subtropics where it only rains 4 out of 12 months.
  • Fertilizers can be fed thru the system – the vibrations of the Vibro Spreaders prevent its clogging.
  • The method is applicable for upgrading an existing drip lines.
  • These products are essentially water saving devices.Reported from Zambia: a coffee plantation (27 ha) irrigated by this method yielded better crops than another adjacent (33 ha) plantation irrigated by drippers.

Design Method:

The Vibro Spreaders are installed along the rows, each is watering two trees, e.g. according to the reference from Zambia the spacing between trees is 1.2m and between the rows 3.6m. This requires spacing of 2.4m between Vibro Spreaders. Each unit is placed on standard 40 cm spike, about 30cm (1 foot) over the ground and plugged into PE tube aligned along the rows. There is also an option to use a 4mm iron rod with our 4mm coupler as a substitute spike.