Drip Irrigation

The Buzzing Dripper is a self-regulating dripper. It controls the flow rate by a vibrating valve that creates a buzzing noise while operating. The dynamic vibrations prevent the formation of salt and lime sediments that mostly clog other types of drippers. It means that this unique dripper is also a self cleaning device, which ensures a very long trouble-free operation. This noise may be useful for monitoring the dripper proper functioning, for example in gardening applications the Buzzing Dripper may be covered by a layer of gravel. The Buzzing Dripper is available for emitting rates of 5 L/hr (blue/black), 8 L/hr (green/black) and 16 L/hr (black/black). Its nominal regulating range is from 1.5 bar to 3.0 bars. For most applications the Buzzing Dripper is plugged directly into our barb mini-socket in a feed line, but it is also interchangeable with all other Rain-Tal’s accessories.