Surface Irrigation

Dynamic Mister is a mini mist generator, its design is based on vibratory effect like in the Vibro-Spreader. It generates a uniform circular pattern, which in the upside down hanging mode creates a “droplet free” mist cloud (see picture). The constant vibration prevents clogging by dirt or lime sediments in the nozzle.

Advantages and Performance: The Dynamic Mister operates at nominal pressure of 2 bars (30 PSI) without a need for fine filtration as required for most foggers. Product types are available for nominal water discharge of 20 L/hr and 40 L/hr (5 GPH and 10GPH).  These features save the need in special high pressure and fine filtration as required for most foggers. Further specifications are provided in the product brochure .

Applications: The Dynamic Mister is very effective for germination, for humidity control in greenhouses and for cooling livestock. It is mostly used in overhead irrigation systems hanging at upside-down mode installation that may include a stabilizer and drain check valve (LPD). It can be installed in the upright mode as well.