Surface Irrigation

The Rain-Tal Turbo Sprinkler uses a mini turbo swivel to form a rotating jet for generating a circular uniform droplet distribution over a range of diameters from 5 to12 meters.
Three types of products are available, each in a variety of flow rates. The flow rate is based on selectable nozzles, according to a color code.

1. Bridge Turbo Sprinkler

This is the simplest type, having an ordinary nozzle and a mini turbo swivel , available in flow rates from 40L/hr to 200L/hr.

2. A pivot Clean Valve Nozzle Turbo

This type is designed with a pivot nozzle, when clogged by dirt particles an easy wash by twisting the pivot nozzle is enabled. The clogging and wash out steps are illustrated below and in the product brochure. Products available in flow rates from 25L/hr to 240L/hr.

3. The “Double Bridge” Turbo Sprinkler

This type is made with a larger turbo swivel designed to achieve larger wetting diameters. In flow rates 200 L/hr to 300 L/hr it covers 11.5m to 12.4m respectively.

Each of the above three types is available for both upright (UR) and upside-down (UD) applications. The UD versions come with a UD turbo swivel that ejects the jet in the proper elevated angle.

Curves of flow versus pressure and tables of wetting diameters are provided in the respective product brochures. Click each of the next hyperlinks to see a Chart of Multi Product Flow Rate versus pressure and a Diagram of the wetting ranges for any of our Turbo-Sprinklers.