Water Filters

Our Disk Stacks are used as non-disposable Filter Elements for some existing OEM metal and plastic canisters as well as for Open Filters. All “SDF™ Elements”, are for permanent use and can be cleaned time and again. They are custom made in several dimensions for variety of flow rates and in any mesh grades.


An example of using a 2″ SDF Element in OEM Dismantled Filter is shown on the right. Cleaning is manual: The filter case is opened by releasing the clamp and the element is pulled out for manual easy wash.

The SDF™ Stacks are also used as “Open Filters” that are used without a canisters. Open Filter is dipped in a reservoir or river and water are pumped by suction from its inner chamber.

A 2″ Open Filter for Pump Protection is seen in the photo on the right.


Another simple Open Filter that is used mainly for Gravity Drip Irrigation. This type is seen in the photo on the right, it is placed inside the water tank that feeds the drip system as seen in the lower illustration. Infiltration of the water is driven by the very low gravity pressure.