Water Filters

Open Filters

The open filters are Disk Stacks with attachable tube at its downstream side. This simple and inexpensive product can be used for river and reservoir pumping by dipping it below the water level and pumping by suction from the inner chamber.

For agricultural applications such as for low pressure Micro-Drip irrigation, or in the absence of pumps, the SDF™ Open Filters are used as “Open Gravity Filters”. In this mode the water is not forced through the filter. It infiltrates through the passageways. The head-loss is minimal and cleaning is easier since dirt particles are not stuck in the passageways.


Application of SDF™ Open Gravity Filters is suggested in two methods:

1. The filter is installed at the bottom of a tank or pool. Clean water flow out via outlet pipe.

2. The filter is installed over an aperture at the bottom of a barrel placed in a reservoir or a river. The water come in via the aperture and infiltrate through the filter. Clean water is accumulated in the barrel and can be pumped or collected by jars.