Water Filters

The SDF Rotary 1″ is a semi-automatic re-generable filter which can be cleaned infinite number of times by a reverse flow of clean water (“back-flush”).
Physical DimensionsConnections
Housing diameter: 10 cm. (4″)Main inlet-outlet 1”, threaded with 1” BSP.
Housing length : 17 cm. (6.7″)1” NPT adapters available.
Total length incl.center tube: 27 cm (10″)Backflushing drain valve: ½ barb exit.
Total weight: 0.9 kg. (2 lbs.)


PressureFlow Rate
From 3 bar up to 8 bars (115 psi).All the 1″ filters, of any mesh, will operate at flow rates up to 5 m3/hr (20 GPM)

Operating range :

Mesh: Selection from 12 color coded disk types, Coarse 500 to fine 5 microns.

Cleaning: Effective regeneration mechanism of a simple twist to the filter’s body that back-flushes clogged contaminants. The back-flush uses clean filtered water.

For best cleaning it is recommended to avoid outlet flow during back flushing. A control valve may be installed at the outlet for this purpose.

Installation and Operation Hints For the 1″ and 2″ types


For better Back-flush performance it is recommended to install a control valve at the filter downstream (see illustration below).

The center tube of both types is made of plastic material. Only Teflon band should be wrapped over the threads for sealing.

 Do not use pipe wrench for tightening – its sharp teeth might damage the plastic center tube.

The cleaning procedure

  1. Close the control valve.
  2. Open the drain Valve.
  3. Rotate the filter few times until no more dirt drains out.
  4. Close the drain and open the regulating valve.